The seven school districts in Spartanburg County have collaborated to offer a K–12 virtual school aimed at providing a high-quality web-based learning initiative. Spartanburg County Public Virtual School is a comprehensive, fully accredited standards-based program that may provide an appropriate option to address specific student needs.

To participate, a student must be enrolled in his or her home school district and have prior approval for virtual school programs or courses. For additional information, contact your school guidance counselor or call Nora Moore, Director of Spartanburg County Public Virtual School, at 864-576-4212.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What grades are offered through Spartanburg County Public Virtual School?

    Kindergarten through 12th grade are offered through SCPVS.

  • How rigorous are SCPVS courses?

    Online curriculum is challenging, sometimes requiring more effort and time than a traditional classroom.

  • Are SCPVS high school courses for credit?

    Yes. A final grade is sent to the student's high school and posted to the official transcript.

  • Are online students subject to the same course and testing requirements as a traditional student?

    Yes. All requirements for course credit, graduation, and testing remain the same. Accommodations will be made for testing as required.

  • Will SCPVS issue transcripts and diplomas?

    No. All transcripts and diplomas will be issued from the student’s brick-and-mortar home school.

  • Are SCPVS students eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at their home school?

    Yes. SCPVS students remain eligible to participate in extracurricular activities of the home school.

  • Can a student with an IEP attend SCPVS?

    Yes. Classroom accommodations are available through SCPVS, and the IEP team would determine the level of services.

  • How is progress and attendance monitored?

    Student progress is an expected part of SCPVS in addition to the attendance hours logged. Students are reported back to their home schools if they have not been active for five school days or have not made adequate progress in each of their courses.

  • How does a student enroll in the SCPVS?

    Each school in the seven Spartanburg districts has the SCPVS application. Students register through the guidance office of their home school.

Please contact Nora Moore, Director of SCPVS,
with any additional questions at (864) 576-4212.