Attendance Areas

To see your child's school attendance area, please enter your address below as shown.

You only need to enter street address and ZIP code.


Students living west of the red attendance line attend Boiling Springs area schools. Students living east of the red attendance line attend Chesnee area schools.

Click on the colors below to see your child's elementary attendance zone. 


Registration will begin March 2 for 4k and new 5k and 1st grade students. Those families will need register at their child’s school using 2Easy Registration. Online registration for all other families in the District will begin April 10.

Download an interactive file (KML) for Google Earth.

Please contact the school or district office to verify attendance assignments.

Chesnee Elementary   Carlisle-Foster's Grove Elementary  
Mayo Elementary   Boiling Springs Elementary  
Cooley Springs-Fingerville Elementary   Oakland Elementary  
Hendrix  Elementary   Shoally Creek Elementary  


This map is for general reference only, and is not intended as a legally accurate map of District Two boundaries.

Please contact the school or district office to verify attendance assignments.

Elementary to High School Progressions for 2017 – 2018 School year:

Boiling Springs Elementary >Boiling Spring Intermediate > Boiling Springs Middle School > Boiling Springs High School

Carlisle-Foster’s Grove>Boiling Springs Intermediate>Rainbow Lake Middle School>Boiling Springs High School

Shoally Creek Elementary>Boiling Springs Intermediate>Rainbow Lake Middle School>Boiling Springs High School

Hendrix Elementary>Boiling Springs Intermediate>Boiling Springs Middle >Boiling Springs High School

Oakland Elementary>Boiling Springs Intermediate>Boiling Springs Middle>Boiling Springs High School

Chesnee Elementary > Chesnee Middle School> Chesnee High School

Mayo Elementary>Chesnee Middle>Chesnee High School

Cooley Springs-Fingerville Elementary>Chesnee Middle School >Chesnee High School

Note: – If students leave CSF>Rainbow Lake Middle, they will attend Boiling Springs High School

Required Documents for Registration:

Paper or Scanned Items Required:

New Students:

    • Birth Certificate (Hospital copy is not accepted) Parents should enter the student name exactly as it is on the birth certificate.

    • Immunization Record – Immunization should be on a SC Form. The health department or your physician will transfer the information to the SC form. The Immunization Certificate must be marked School Ready for 5 year old kindergarten and above. 4K can read Day Care Ready.

Proof of Residency for all students:

  • Driver’s License or Goverment Issued Photo ID and one of the following:
    • Property Tax Bill for permanent residence
    • Notarized Rental Lease – complete copy to include all occupants

Additional Documents:

    • Vehicle tax registration
    • Electric bill
    • Water bill
    • Gas bill
    • Telephone bill (Land Line)

Additional Documents:

  • Your child's school will advise if these are needed.
    • Notarized Educational Affidavit.
    • Notarized Residency Affidavit.
    • Notarized Custodial Parent Affidavit.

Parents will be able to pay the $7.00 elementary instructional fee.

There will be an In-Person option where the parent can pay at the school.