Terrific Kids of the Year LuncheonApril 26, 2017

On Monday, the Kiwanis Clubs of Spartanburg and Boiling Springs recognized Terrific Kids of the Year from across the county at their annual luncheon. Each of Spartanburg Two’s nine participating schools selected a student to represent them at the gathering. In all, 55 schools were represented at the luncheon.

There to cheer on our students were principals, parents and district administration, including Superintendent Dr. Scott Mercer.

   Below is a list of the District’s Terrific Kids of the Year:

                Julia Weisner, BSES

                Anastasiya and Zaryana Kunitsa, BSIS

                Haylee Miller, C-FG

                Jesus Ponce, CES

                Vanessa Cholak, CS-F

                Cassie Luipold, HES

                Laikyn Westmoreland, MES

                Kinsley O’Dell, OES

                Abril Ramirez-Labra, SCES


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