Boards and StudentsFebruary 15, 2012

When the Board of Trustees meets each month, we always have a group of students perform before we begin the regular agenda.  They serve as an instant reminder to the Board and administration of our District's motto, "Students First!" 

Just last evening, violin players from Boiling Springs Intermediate School under the direction of Lyn Acosta serenaded the audience with a sound that was nothing short of amazing.  Last month, students from Hendrix Elementary School's International Choir under Gail Bagwell's direction sang.  My spirits are always raised by the efforts of these fine teachers and students, the reason we come to work every morning. 

Last night's meeting was special in a number of ways.  Pace Murray, a Boiling Springs High senior, was honored for being named a National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Student which goes along well with his recent acceptance to West Point.  Dr. Nancy Turner did an overview of the programs we provide for our special needs students, then illustrated it by having Skye Attucks address the Board.  She is another BSHS senior who is a special needs student and will graduate in May with a cosmetology certificate and a plan to open "Skye's Spa and Salon" while designing wedding dresses on the side. Her thanks to her teachers were inspiring.  Dr. Josh Patterson, assistant principal of Boiling Springs Intermediate, then provided a PowerPoint overview of how the single gender program we embarked on four years ago has grown.  We began with two boys' and two girls' classes at BSI; it has grown to 22 classes there as well as programs at Hendrix, Boiling Springs Middle and Rainbow Lake Middle.  He concluded by reporting that BSI is hosting a statewide conference on the topic on March 10 (127 teachers are already registered).

Other action during the evening included congratulations to our two assistant superintendents: Dr. Quincie Moore, Instruction, and Mr. Don Denton, Finance, who are both moving on to bigger and better things.  Dr. Moore will be leaving us at the end of March to assume responsibility as the superintendent of Cherokee County Schools.  We are so proud of her!  Mr. Denton will be retiring (again), and we are quite happy for him!

In between all this, the Board had strong discussion and approved a list of facilities projects to be completed and land to be purchased, approved the hiring of Stephen Lynn Fleming to be the varsity head football coach at Chesnee High, approved administrative contracts for next year, reviewed and questioned our financial status, heard about the State Department of Education's Waiver to the "No Child Left Behind" law, and were given a schedule of spring school visits to which they are invited to attend.

It was a good night for the students, staff and community of Spartanburg Two.



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