Transportation Department

Transportation Offices

Boiling Springs Transportation

3651 Boiling Springs Rd.
Boiling Springs, SC 29316
(864) 599-9564

Jan Johnson - Director of Transportation
Donna Barajas - Secretary
Lorri Trout - Receptionist

Chesnee Transportation

795 S. Alabama Avenue
Chesnee, SC 29323
(864) 461-8901

Cathy Bullman - Receptionist

Transportation Request Forms

Bus Request Form

Request for new bus riders.

Change Request Form

Request to change time, status, or address.

Bus Schedule Information

Occasionally, bus delays may occur due to driver illness, mechanical problems, etc. To aid parents in obtaining information concerning interruptions in bus schedules, the district has implemented a voice mail telephone service. The bus information number is 342-2046; a message will apprise you of any delays. If you have further questions or need additional information, please call the Transportation Office at 599-9564.

Important Notice to All Bus Riders

Effective January 5th, 2009: Due to most buses being at or near capacity, parent notes authorizing students to ride on an unassigned bus can no longer be honored automatically. Permission to ride a different bus cannot be granted except in critical circumstances that should be discussed with the student's principal in advance. Unexpected riders can result in overcrowded buses or extra routes. With parent authorization, students have in the past been allowed to ride home with a friend on the friend's bus. To keep numbers within capacity, only students assigned to a bus will be allowed to ride that bus unless an exception is granted for an unusual situation that can be accommodated. We appreciate your understanding as we implement this change with student safety in mind.