Chicka Chicka Boom Boom




I use Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to introduce my children to the alphabet and help them distinguish between letters and numerals.  The story is read to the children as a simple and fun way to introduce the letter names and the order of the alphabet. 

  Songs and Finger Plays

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Chant

I said a boom Chicka boom.
I said a boom Chicka boom.
I said a boom Chicka rocka, Chicka rocka Chicka boom.
A ha!
Oh yeah!
One more time!

Then we do it over in a different voice. After they get the idea, the kids decide what voice to use. ( ie. baby, giant, mouse, whispery, deep, etc.) This is so much fun!!


Let's Sing Around the Coconut Tree
Tune: "The Wheels on the Bus"

Let's sing around the coconut tree,
coconut tree,
coconut tree,

Let's sing around the coconut tree,
Singing the sounds of letters!



Coconut Warning

Now, here's a little warning
So listen to me
Never ever sit beneath
A coconut tree
They're great for drinking
They're fine for percussion
But if one hits your head
You'll get a concussion.

 Author Unknown

I like to add some percussion at the end like -       Boom, Chicka, Boom, Chicka, Boom, Boom, Boom.






Coconut Trees

After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to my children I give them depending on their ability a palm tree pattern to trace, cut and glue on paper or  the trunk and leaves may already be traced just needing to be cut out.  They draw an island or sand around their tree then glue the letters on the tree using Alphabits cereal, stickers, or foam letters.  I have the children name their letters to a partner as they glue them on their tree.  If using cereal the leftover pieces make a great snack!

The pattern for these tree pieces can be found at the following site:


Number Recognition


Just for fun and to quickly assess the student's understanding of numbers I have the students match the numeral on the coconut tree with the correct number of coconuts (brown pom poms).  The tree can be printed in color at the following site:


Letter Recognition

A great activity related to the story and for assessing the students knowledge of letters and phonics is to have them match the uppercase letter to the lower case letter using the leaves and trunks of the coconut tree as seen in the picture above. 




The students study a coconut.  They look at it and feel it and draw what the coconut looks like see the science form that follows.  We guess what is inside the coconut.  I then open the coconut in front of the children and pour out the milk.  The children then smell the coconut and taste the milk.  We then all get to taste the "fresh" coconut.  Following is a copy of the worksheet that the children complete in the science center.        Name___________________


      What does the coconut lk

    like outside?





   What do you think is inside

   the coconut?





We graph "Do you like coconut milk?" 

Here we used post-it notes to vote.  I have seen found that if you take a picture of each child and then run them on magnetic paper the pictures make great markers that can be used throughout the year.  You also know who has voted and who still needs to vote.






Graph Your Name

Another activity is to make a graph of your studentsí names by first letter.  I usually do this as a real graph having the students move to the spot on the floor with their letter.  We then discuss which letters have the most names, which have the least, the same, and which have none. 




Band-Aid Sort

If the children love "Skinned Knee D" let them help their friend using band -aids.  This activity can be done several different ways.  You could have it an activity where the child independently sorts the band-aids using their own categories or you may wish to make it a matching game placing six different pairs of band-aids in a box and letting the child match the band-aids.



Torn Tree

Learn about the student's ability to follow directions and their fine motor skills using this activity.  All you need is blue, brown, and green construction paper, black crayon and some glue.  The picture shows how simple the activity can be.  It is fine if not much is torn from the original paper can gives us a great deal of information about the child, their ability and their desire to work.






Cute Class Book From Craft Emergent Readers



             Chicka chicka boom boom

look who dropped in our room.


The coconuts are 6" plates on which the students wrote their name, colored the "edge" brown, and then we sprinkled coconut in the center.  This was done during registration.  It was a great way to quickly assess each child - their academic ability and ability to separate for parents.


Some wonderful websites for additional information.     (Cute story retelling idea) - (Cute Bulletin Board Idea)