Testing & Accountability

MAP Testing in District 2

Spartanburg School District Two began using MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing as a district measurement tool in the fall of 2005. MAP assessment allows teachers and administrators to evaluate the impact of instruction on individual students. Students are measured three times a year in language arts, reading and math. We test in September, December and March in grades one through nine. The test results are used to fill the gap between classroom assessments and the state assessment. March results are helpful for targeting deficiencies in student performance just before the state tests.

Continuous staff development for teachers is provided so that the information can be accurately analyzed to make instructional decisions. Academic growth is an important factor when evaluating the success of a classroom. With the MAP test, growth can be measured, and the same students can be tracked as they move from grade 1 to grade 9.

With standard testing in 2016-2017, kindergarten to grade 2 will be the only grades MAP tested.

Northwest Evaluation Association is the company serving us the nationally-normed MAP tests. Visit www.nwea.org to find out additional information about their research and the MAP assessment.