Staff Contact Information - District Office

Dr. Scott Mercer
578-0128 ext. 1115
Chief Finance Officer
Mr. John B. Heron
578-0128 ext. 1113
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Dr. Angela Hinton
578-0128 ext. 1134
Director of Elementary and Middle Schools
Ms. Kim Ashby
578-0128 ext. 1132
Director of Personnel
Mr. Brantley Enloe
578-0128 ext. 1137
Director of Technology
Mr. Troy Moore
578-0128 ext. 1133
Director of Instructional Technology/Testing
Ms. Trisha Meadows
578-0128 ext. 1157
Director of Public Relations
Ms. Rhonda Henderson
578-0128 ext. 1114
Finance and Budget Officer
Ms. Barbara Hopper
578-0128 ext. 1118
Director of Student Services/Facilities Projects
Mr. Don Icenhower
578-0128 ext. 1122
Director of Special Services
Ms. Fran Metta
578-0128 ext. 1119

Director of Transportation

Ms. Jan Johnson
(Boiling Springs)
Director of Maintenance
Mr. Keith Holden
Maintenance Supervisor
Mr. Steven Roddy