The vision of Spartanburg School District Two's EXCEL Initiative is to transform teaching and learning by engaging all students in rich, authentic, relevant, personalized digital learning experiences that lead to college and career readiness and enable deeper learning across the disciplines. The district has thoughtfully teamed the rollout of 1:1 devices with an instructional model centered on blended learning. In the blended learning environment, classrooms will be interactive and dynamic, blending the best of teacher talents and technological tools. Our teachers will continue doing what they do best, working directly and closely with individual students and groups of students, while other students in the classroom will be learning using technology and digital content focused on their unique learning needs. Using digital technologies, students will explore various resources and will also be working collaboratively, using technology to create products, to conduct research, to develop multimedia projects, and to communicate. Students will be empowered as they are able to participate in anytime, anywhere learning opportunities and as their individual learning styles and needs are addressed using high-quality, adaptive software programs. Schools no longer need to rely on traditional textbooks as the main centerpiece of instruction, but can now use an array of high-quality, digital resources. Teachers can collaborate across time and space to share and develop learning resources. Finally, we will launch our students towards college and career readiness as they facilitate their own learning, guided by teachers knowledgeable in content, pedagogy, and technology and use real-time, real-world resources to solve problems and address rigorous standards.

  Engage students in personalized experiences that promote deeper learning across disciplines
eXplore various technological resources to meet students' individual needs
  Collaborate with others to create projects, conduct research, and communicate
  Empower students to participate in anytime, anywhere high-quality learning opportunities
  Launch students' learning towards college and career readiness