Dear Parents and Students,

  Spartanburg School District Two has been one of the highest performing school districts in South Carolina for many years. The combination of strong families and excellent teachers has worked well for us in terms of outstanding student achievement.

  But we cannot rest on our laurels; we must always strive to stay up to date in terms of professional development, curriculum, and instructional tools for our staff and students within the constraints of our budgetary limits. We believe we are at the proper time in our evolution as a school district to embrace this digital conversion with the adoption of a 1-to-1 computer policy for every student in third grade and above.

  We have studied districts from around the country, read the research, spoken with practitioners, and attended conferences. We have hired staff with experience in districts that have already travelled this road. Our teachers have been training extensively in how to incorporate these devices into their daily instruction. Our Board is committed to providing the necessary funding to make this goal a reality.

  We believe that providing every student an Apple iPad mini will open the world and their learning in ways we have not yet imagined. In our pilot project in selected classrooms around our District last year, we witnessed student engagement to levels only once dreamed of. Our students will be better prepared for college, career, and life when they exit our schools.

  With this great gift comes great responsibility; these tools must be cared for properly and used only for good. They cannot be left in the rain, dropped on the ground or tossed on a table. They must be charged each night and brought to school each day. And, while much outstanding and important information is available to students on the Internet, much evil lurks there as well. Acceptable and responsible use is required for them to have the privilege and advantages of a personal device. Students in school systems around the country have risen to this challenge; ours will, too.

  The purpose of this booklet and parent information nights that will follow are to outline those procedures and responsibilities and answer questions about the use of these devices and the costs for repair/replacement. This endeavor is a work in progress, and we appreciate your willingness to partner with us as we embark on this most exciting change in education in a generation. If you have any questions, please call your child's school administration or the Spartanburg Two District Office.

  It is my privilege to serve as your superintendent in this wonderful place to live, work and go to school.


Scott Mercer